I am glad to finally be back to writing and designing projects for you all. 
As promised, way back in 2020, I have come up with a really cute way to turn the Sumptuous Squares into a gorgeous pair of post earrings. 


We are going to be using the exact same technique of CRAW to encase a post earring blank into a single cube. I will show you how to incorporate one set of the 11/0 into the new post cube to attach the two components. The process is very simple and requires very few beads to accomplish. 

These earrings are a lovely addition to the Picasso Jewelry Set, along with the Puffy Bracelet and the Picasso Pendant.

Additional tutorials include, the beaded charm and optional embellishments for the Puffy Bracelet. I will be posting the pendant tutorial very soon. 

Materials List

The materials list below include all the materials used in the series so far. I have included my affiliate links and I make a small commission if you choose to use them to purchase your supplies.

Of course, you will also need two of the Sumptuous Squares components. If you haven’t already made them, head over HERE for the tutorial.

Getting Started

Pick up four 8/0 beads and carry them to the end of your thread.

Pass back through all the beads again, from bottom to top, to form a loop.


Tie two overhand knots using the tail and working threads. 

Pass the needle through the next bead before starting the cubic right angle weave.

Pick up two 11/0 – a 4 mm bicone – two 11/0.

Pass back through the same 8/0 bead your thread is exiting.


Sew through to the next 8/0 bead on the base.

Pick up two 11/0 – and a 4 mm bicone.

Sew down through the last two 11/0 beads from the previous round. 

Sew back through the 8/0 you started from in this round then continue on into the next 8/0 on the base. 


With your working thread now exiting the third 8/8 bead on the base, position the earring post through the center of the 8/0 beads. Hold the post in place but don’t worry about it too much, 

Pick up your square component and hold it so that the embellishment crystals are facing in the same direction as the round part of your earring blank. 
Sew up through the two 11/0 beads at the corner tip of the square as shown. 


Pick up a 4 mm bicone and sew down the two 11/0 beads of the previous round. 

Sew back through the 8/0 that you started from plus the fourth 8/0 on the base. 

To get into position to add the last bicone, sew up through the very first two 11/0 beads from the first round. 


Pick up a 4 mm bicone and sew down the two 11/0 beads of the previous round. 

Sew back through the 8/0 but make sure your post is sitting securely inside the cube.

  • Pull the thread to close the bicones around the top of the earring blank. Sew up through the next set of 11/0 beads.
  • Reinforce the bicones beads by sewing through all four beads plus one more to close the bead work. 
  • Sew down the next set of 11/0 beads and reinforce the four 8/0 beads following the step above.
  • Sew up through the two 11/0 beads at the top of the cube. 

Sew under the thread bridge between the two 4mm beads at the top of your cube. 


Pick up a 2mm Firepolish bead and sew under the thread bridge between the two bicones at the bottom. 

Sew back through the 2mm bead and back under the same thread bridge between the top two crystals and back down through the two 11/0 beads. 

Sew through the next 8/0 bead and tie a half hitch knot. Move through a bead and tie another. Move through a bead bead before ending your threads. 

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. I will be back soon a tutorial for an optional embellishment for the Picasso Puffy Bracelet

Happy Beading