Today, I want to share with you a quick and easy way to add a little extra bling to the Picasso Puffy Bracelet we recently made.

The embellishments I added are totally optional and based on your preference. I like the bracelet both ways but I love the richness provided by the smoky topaz bicones in the center. 

If you haven’t made the bracelet yet, click HERE for the tutorial.

Tools and Materials

The materials list below include all the materials used in the series so far. I have included my affiliate links and I make a small commission if you choose to use them to purchase your supplies.

These materials are the ones I liked, but you can use any beads you like as long as the size fits into the center of our puffy components. 

Likewise there are several ways to go about adding accent beads to this design and you are welcome to choose any stitching technique you are comfortable with. 

I chose to tie into each unit on the base of the bracelet and then sew into the position I desired to add my bling beads. After which, I sewed back out to the bracelet’s edge and tied a few half hitch knots before ending the thread and moving onto the next unit. 

Getting Started

To add the new beads to the center of the puffy unit, we will be working with the tiny X accent beads in the lower left and upper right corners of the unit. 

My bracelet consist of seven puffy squares and I chose to add the crystals in the following sequence:

Squares 1 and 2 – 2mm Firepolish
Square 3-5 – 4mm Bicone
Squares 6 and 7 – 2mm Firepolish

Feel free to follow this sequence or use all bicones or Firepolish beads, it is up to you. 

Tie onto the base of the first puffy unit, beside the lower 8/0 on the side of the unit. Notice my tail thread exiting right beside the 8/0. Move through the 8/0 – two 11/0’s and the next 8/0. This is the same bead we used to add the accent beads in the bracelet tutorial. 

Sew through original accent beads of the tiny X as follow by first sewing through the 11/0 and then the 8/0.


Next pass into the 11/0 on the inside edge of the tiny X.

Pick up a 2mm and sew through the 11/0 and the 8/0 beads on the tiny x directly across the center of the puffy square. 


Continue on through the next 11/0 of the X.

Continue sewing back around this X by moving through the 8/0 bead on the outside base. 


Come back through the 11/0 and 8/ on this side of the X. 

Sew back through the crystal.


Sew back through the 11/0 – 8/0 – 11/0 of the same X beads we started from.

Move back through the 8/0 bead on the outside of the bracelet base, towards your tail thread. 

Tie two overhand knots with the two threads. Move through the next few beads and end both threads. 

Repeat the steps above for each Puffy Square of the bracelet following the sequence of your choosing. 

Picasso Jewelry Series ~ Beaded Charm TutorialIf you haven’t seen the tutorial for the beaded Charm for this bracelet, make sure to check it out. 

I hope you like this tutorial and will find ways to use these techniques in your own beading designs. 

In the next post, we will turn the Sumptuous Squares, into a gorgeous pair of post earrings to match this bracelet before moving on to the matching Pendant tutorial. 

Happy Beading