Back Office Basics – Photographing your Work

Your Photos and Your Brand It has taken me a long time to understand how important my Jewelry Photos really are to my business.  Sure, we know we need decent photos of our work in order to sell our pieces online.  But I’ve finally come to realize that they are also a Vital Piece to… Continue reading Back Office Basics – Photographing your Work

Solder Prep ~ Solder Station Essentials

How to Prep and Organize your Solder for efficient and successful soldering.

Solder Station Essentials

Welcome Back In my last Post, we reviewed the basics of setting up a safe and simple Soldering Work Station in a home studio environment. To recap, we covered the basic safety equipment, portable butane torches, a few basic soldering surface and how to protect the surface of your station area (ie, desk or table.)… Continue reading Solder Station Essentials

Setting up a Home Solder Station

How to Set Up a Home Soldering Station for Metalsmithing Jewelry I am finally reached a long-awaited Milestones in Jewelry Design. I had dreamed of working with Wire, Metal and Gemstones for a very long time and now I am finally there. There are so many tool options to choose from when you begin your… Continue reading Setting up a Home Solder Station