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Update Issues Solved

A blogger’s nightmare…..  I want to start by apologizing for the technical problems with my blog yesterday. If you visited my blog in the last few days, I am sure you noticed that the main blog page, along with the category pages, were displaying the entire content of each post, instead of the Image and …

A Jeweler's Life Back Office Basics Building Your Brand Home Based Jewelry Business Starting Your Own Business and Website

Starting your own Jewelry Business Part 10 – Setting up your Business Email and Connecting to Social Media

Welcome to Setting up in WordPress It has taken quite a lot of time and work to get to this point.  Today, we are going to a deep look into the Bluehost and WordPress Dashboards. We are going to connect the Jetpack plugin and work through all the settings that go along with Jetpack. It …

A Jeweler's Life Back Office Basics Home Based Jewelry Business Studio Setups Tools ~ Organizing and Setups

Back Office Basics – Photographing your Work

Your Photos and Your Brand It has taken me a long time to understand how important my Jewelry Photos really are to my business.  Sure, we know we need decent photos of our work in order to sell our pieces online.  But I’ve finally come to realize that they are also a Vital Piece to …

A Jeweler's Life Back Office Basics Home Based Jewelry Business

Simplify your Jeweler’s Life – Creating Spreadsheets

I have watched many classes and videos by successful Jeweler’s over the last three years and have found many recurring themes, tips and advice amongst them. I will be sharing these with you in the Jeweler’s Life Category of my Blog. When I first started my journey into this new life, I made a point …

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