Welcome back to the final tutorial in the Grand Marquis Collar Necklace series. 

For the remainder of the project we will use bead stringing techniques to finish off the necklace with double strands on each side.  


As you can see in the photo above, I have completed on side of the necklace. In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to complete the other side of the necklace. 

The instructions are simply repeated for the other side, so you will simply follow the directions twice.

Tools and Materials

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Obviously, you will need the Embellished Marquis Components as well. Click Here for all the previous related tutorials.

The Tutorial

Lay out your remaining supplies. 

Use a measuring tape to determine how much additional length you will need to fit the collar around your neck, allowing about 1.5 – 2 inches for the clasp you chose. 


Measure and cut that length of beading wire plus 4-5 extra inches to work freely with. 

Cut the wire into two equal halves. 

Thread 1 piece of the wire through the 4 mm bead on the end of the bead work. 

Pull the wire through the bead to the center, so that you have equal amounts of wire on either side of the bead. Lay your work out to determine which strand is going to be the top strand and which is the bottom strand. We will string on the bottom strand first. 

Pick up two 11/0 Delicas – 8 mm Bicone – two Delicas. Pass the wire through the bottom hole of carrier bead.

Slide the beads down to the existing work.

Repeat the steps above twice more only using the 6 mm bicones instead of the 8.

Pick up two 11/0 Delicas – 4 mm Firepolish Bead – two delicas. Pass the wire through the bottom hole of carrier bead.

Now we are going to string the top strand before continuing. 

Pick up two 11/0 Delicas – 4 mm Firepolish Bead – two Delicas. Pass the wire through the top hole of carrier bead.

Repeat these steps two more times for a total of three 4 mm Firepolish beads. 

Pick up two 11/0 Delicas – 11/0 Toho bead – two delicas. Pass the wire through the bottom hole of the last carrier bead.

Use your measurements to determine how many more bead sets needed on each strand. 

Add the remaining beads using this following sequence to finish off the length you need. 

Five Delicas – one 11/0 Toho.

The Clasps

This step can be done starting with either the top or bottom strand. It is up to you and makes no difference since we are using a double strand clasp.

Slide a crimp tube that matches the color of your clasp onto one of your strands and drop it down to the bead work.

String on the horseshoe wire guard from the bottom, go around the loop and down through the other side.

Bring the protector down the wire but be careful not to let either side go into the crimp tube.

Notice below that I am working with the bottom strand first. 

Line up your clasp to correspond with the strand you are working with. 

Bring the loop of the clasp inside the horseshoe as shown here. 

Bring your wire back through the crimp tube and pull everything snug to the bead work.

Before using your crimp tool make sure the two wires are not crossing over one another.

Beginning with the bottom section of your crimp tool, squeeze the crimp tube to capture the wires. 

Next, use the top portion of the tool to fold the to sides snug together. 

Check the strength of your crimp before cutting away the excess wire. 

Notice here, that I place the flat side of my cutters against the strand side of the wire. I pull some tension onto the wire with my other hand before snipping.

Repeat the steps above to connect the top strand to the other side of your clasp.

Check the strength of your crimp before cutting away the excess wire. 

Repeat all the steps of this tutorial for the strands on the other side of the Grand Marquis Collar Necklace. 


I hope you have enjoyed making this project and will stick around for more content from The Alluring Bead Boutique.

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