Welcome back to the Picasso Jewelry Series.
In the last post, we created the length of the Picasso Puffy Braceletbut we didn’t quite finish. We still need to create the cute little beaded charm to end to the end of the extender chain. 


This adorable little accent adds a nice touch to the project. It is really quite simple to make. The technique used is Netting Stitch. The materials list below include all the materials used in the series so far. I have included my affiliate links and I make a small commission if you choose to use them to purchase your supplies.

Tools and Materials

Getting Started

This precious little charm can be with several variations. On the Coral and Black version, I used 6 mm jet bicones. In this lesson, I used 4 mm Smoky Topaz bicones. You could also add more bicones in the initial pickup to make a larger charm.

The main differences are the overall size of the charm and the number of  beads needed in the netting. I used 5 bead netting with the 4mm bicones and 7 bead netting with the 6 mm ones. 


To begin, pick up an 11/0 and a 4 mm bicone four times. 
Leaving a 4 inch tail, pass back through the beads to form a loop. 
Move through the first three beads again so that you are exiting an 11/0 bead. 

The Netting Steps

Next we create the bottom netting of the charm.
Pick up two 11/0 – an 8/0 and two 11/0. Skip over the bicone and sew through the next 11/0. 


Sew up through the two 11/0 beads on the first set, and through the 8/0 at the top.

To gather the netting to the bottom of the bead work, pick up an 11/0 and sew through the next 8/0 and pull the wings of netting up to a point. 


Repeat this step, three more times until you are exiting the same 8/0 you started from. Sew through all eight beads again the secure the netting. 

Sew back down the two 11/0 bead of the netting, back towards the crystal bicones. Sew across through the 11/0 between the two bicones. 


Scroll back up and repeat all the netting steps again to finish the top portion of the charm. 

Once you have gathered the beads securely on this side of the charm, move through the beads until you are exiting an 8/0 bead.
Now we will add a small loop of beads for a bail to attach to the bracelet.

Pick up five 11/0 beads, and sew through the 8/0 bead on the opposite side of the top. Notice my working thread is exiting the top of the 8/0 bead I am starting from, so I sew through the other 8/0 bead from bottom to top.


Reinforce the loop of beads at least twice more, following the same thread path each time. 

Following the netting thread path, sew back through the bead work to your tail thread.
Tie two overhand knots. 
Pass through a few beads before ending your threads.


Insert a jump ring through the bail loop of your charm, thread it onto the extender chain of your bracelet and close the jump ring. 


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and will add these adorable little beaded charms to many of your projects. 

In the next post, I will discuss an optional final embellishment we can add to the bracelet. 

Thank you for stopping by....