Welcome to a new lovely Beaded Floral Tutorial. Today I will be sharing a tutorial for my second leaf.
Last time, I shared a lesson for creating a Sculpted Leaf. In this post I will demonstrate how to make this peyote based flat leaf.

The leaf I will show you today is a variation on one I had done quite a while ago, called Beaded Autumn Leaf. I hope to get a written form of the old version done for you in the coming days but you can check out the video if you like. 

If you do have a chance to check it out ahead of time, you will see that I made quite a few changes to the pattern and I really like the what my new leaf came out. 

I will show you how I made the first leaf by this new pattern using all 11/0 seed beads and the version above is demonstrated in the video at the end. 

Materials List

Very few beads are required for this project today. Two colors of 11/0 seed beads, a needle and beading thread are all we need. 
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Getting Started - Rows 1 and 2

Use one of your beads as a stop bead and pick up six more beads. Remember that the initial pick up in Peyote constitutes the first two rows. 


Rows 3 -4


Skip over the top three beads and sew back through the fourth bead,

Peyote for one more stitch. 


Peyote back up two stitches.

Rows 3 - 4

Work an increase by picking up four beads and letting them drop to the beadwork. Skip over the top three and sew back through the fourth. 


Peyote to the bottom of the leaf, two stitches.

Peyote back to the top, three stitches this time. 


Rows 5 - 6

From here we simply repeat the steps above until our leaf reaches the desired length. For purposes of this lesson, we will do one more increase. This will constitute the top center of our leaf. 


Pick up four beads and drop them down. Skip the top three and sew back through the fourth. 

Peyote down to the bottom again, this time three stitches.


This time as we peyote back up we will stop one stitch from the top, so three stitches instead of four.

Rows 7 - 9

Now we will create the mirror image on this side of the leaf.

Pick up two beads and sew down through the last bead you added in the previous row.


Peyote down to the bottom, two stitches. 

Peyote up two stitches, stopping just short of the top again. 


Pick up two beads and sew back through the last bead added in the previous row. 

Finish the row by taking one peyote stitch down. 


Rows 10 - 12 Decreasing Brick Stitch


Pick up two beads and sew under the second thread bridge to decrease.

Sew up through the second bead. To straighten the first bead, sew down through the first bead and back up the second bead once more. 

Finish the row using one bead per remaining thread bridges. Remember to step up into the new bead each time.


Repeat the steps for two more rows. The number of beads will decrease by one each row. 


Here is what our cute little leaf looks like at the end. 

Now check out the video below to see what it looks like to change one of the beads to a 15/0 in the increases. 

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and will have fun exploring vairations of your own. 

Thanks for stopping by.....