Welcome Beaders

Today we are finishing the back piece of our beaded bezel.

In this masterclass, we will learn to use Circular Peyote technique to create these absolutely gorgeous Triangle Treasure components.

If you are not ready for this type of project, you can start by working through the Peyote series of Bead Weaving 101.

The class is being presented in three parts. 

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In Part 1, we made the front and back of the bezel using Circular peyote stitch with increases at the three corners. 

We added a 7th row to the front piece using a single bead at the corners.

Now we are ready to stitch into the center of the back piece and use a decrease technique to close the center so we can encase the crystal stone in the final segment of the project. 

Tools and Materials

Here is a list of the materials I used for this project.

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In this portion of the project, we will use a few more Bronze Delica beads as we work to close the bead work. 

But first we need to get into position in the center. 

The remaining working thread should be exiting the first gold bead of the first corner, after we added the last bead of row 6 and stepped up.

Without picking up any beads,  we will sew down through all the gold beads on the other side of the column and the first bronze Delica bead in the center.

We will be working mainly with the sticking out Delicas in the center. 


Peyote and Decreasing at the Corners


Pick up a Bronze and sew through the next DB sticking out.

Repeat this step until you are at the next corner of the triangle

At the corner, we will do a decrease.

Without picking up a bead, sew across the corner and up through the DB sticking out on the other side. 


Peyote stitch up to the next corner. 

Remember we are only using the Bronze beads in the center of the bead work. 

At the corner, you will decrease the bead work just as before. 

As you decrease, you will need to step up into the first bead added in the round. 

Remember, the thread path in Peyote stitch is diagonal. 


Continue working in this manner until the center is filled and all the beads are stitched together.

Weave off the remaining thread and cut it off.

We will use the remaining working thread on the front piece to connect the front and back in the next lesson. 

Up Next ~ Triangle Treasures Part 3

In the next portion of the project, we will use the traditional zipper technique to join the two sides of the bezel and set the crystal

We will add three Gold accent beads in the center of the front and learn how you can sew through the bead work to tighten the bezel so the crystal can not shift around inside the component.

Finally, we will discuss centering a bail for earrings or a pendant.


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