Hi Everyone!!

It has been a little while since my newsletter came out and I want to update you on my plans for the summer months. 

Summer months are usually pretty slow for most of us. We like to kick back, relax and enjoy our free time. Things generally move at a slower and easier pace for most of us. 

For a blogger, this makes it a great time to focus on background work. That way, they can remain productive, without worrying themselves sick over why they aren’t getting the usual amount of visitors and customers. At least that is how I like to look at it. 

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It is also a great time to take a few moments to check my personal and business goals to see how things are progressing and to make sure I am staying on track. 

For the last few weeks, I have been taking stock and revising my action steps to make sure I meet my original deadlines.

I have also had to make few additions, such as the new membership option I have on my YouTube channel, and adjust my calendar to account for these new goals. 

Keep reading to see the changes I am making to my company and my websites during the last half of this year. I will explain, not only the reason behind each change, but how these relate to my current and long term goals, as well. 

"A Jeweler's Life" Blog

1 My first goal for my blog, in 2020, was to complete the Bead Weaving 101 series. 

This series, covers the basic stitching techniques and variations found in the 2019 Bead and Button Bead Stitching Handbook

Stitches Completed

Not yet Covered

  • Right Angle Weave
  • Cross Weave Technique
  • Spirals and Helixes
  • Chenille Stitch
  • Chevron Chain Stitch
  • St. Petersburg Chain Stitch

To wrap up the series, we are going to take a look at ways to combine popular stitches. 

2 I had also set goals for the amount of patterns I want to add to my shop, as well as the number of YouTube videos added to my channel.

So far, I am doing great on my goals for video counts, but I am miserably far behind on patterns. 

Luckily, I think I have devised a way to remedy the situation. After all, a girl needs to make money somehow to pay for all this site and all that goes along with blogging. 


I have decided to make my patterns in video format. Access to these new projects will be available in one of two ways. 

Soon, you will be able to subscribe to one of three tiers of membership on my YouTube channel.

Depending on your choice of plan, you will gain access to different levels of content. The prospective tiers I have planned are shown to the right.

LevelMonthly price
Jewelry EnthusiastUS$1.99
Loyal SupporterUS$3.99
Top FansUS$8.99

If you prefer to purchase access to a particular video or project, I will be setting up a system here on the blog which will allow for that. Once I have the system in place, I will fill you in all the specific details. 

My Shop

My shops are getting a long overdue makeover.

I have recently moved all my patterns and guides to a Shop, here on my blog. 

My other shop, which is located on the subdomain, shop.thealluringbeadboutique.com, is in the process of being revamped into Gallery styled shop for my beautiful jewelry only.

I felt it was time to separate these two lines of business for several reasons. 

  1. Offering blog related products seemed confusing to first time visitors.
  2. I want a more professional looking storefront for my jewelry. 
  3. I felt the my jewelry offering should be a separate line of business. 

I am currently working behind the scenes on this project. 

However, I am working on a new series for the Home Based Business category here on the blog, that corresponds to this new and exciting change. 

In this new series, learn how to set up an E commerce site using a professional theme. I have had plans for this series for months, and we are finally going to get back to business. 

My Business

Last, but certainly not least, I will finish setting up my new side hustle. 

This has been a goal for a long time. I recently invested in several tools to help me get this new site up and running. 

To this end, I will also be adding to the Home Based Business category. Only for this series, I will show you how to design your site using the Elementor Pro page builder plugin.

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During this process, we are going to go into detail on service based business, affiliate marketing, Adsense ads and much more.  

So lots of new and exciting business content is headed your way. 

As you can see, we are going to be very busy for the rest of the year. 

So make sure to stay tuned. Use the forms in the sidebar on this page to subscribe to my newsletter and to sign up for email notifications, when new content hits. 

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