Sunburst Component ~ Part 2 ~ The Inner Rows

Welcome to Part 2 of the Sunburst Component Series. 

In this project we are exploring a few variations of the Brick Stitch on  a Frame Bead Weaving Technique. 

In this technique, the frame stands in for the thread bridge used in traditional brick stitch.

This is and Intermediate Level project.

If you need a primer for Brick Stitch around a Frame ~ you can get mine in My Shop or in my Etsy Shop.


  • 1 – 25mm Gunmetal Hoop (soldered closed type)
  • 2 – 3 Grams – 11/0 Toho Seed Beads – Silver Lined Frosted Gray 
  • 1 – 2 Grams – 11/0 Toho Seed Beads – Silver Lined Milky Grapefruit 
  • 1 – 2 Grams – 11/0 Czech Glass Seed Beads – Jet Opaque  
  • 19 – 2.5x5mm Czech Glass Superduo Beads – Jet Opaque
  • 1 – 14mm Orange Dyed Shell Coin Bead
  • Size 11 or 12 Beading Needle
  • Approx. 5 ft. of .006 or .008 Fireline or Wildfire Beading Thread

(If you plan to make Earrings – Double the list of course.)

In Part 1 of the Series we used Brick Stitch to complete the outer rows of the project. 

Row 1:  We used traditional brick stitch to add an even number of the 11/0 Frosted Gray Seed Beads to the frame.
Row 2: We used the beads of the previous Row to and a round of Jet Opaque Superduo, 2-hole beads. 
Row 3: We added a row of Accent beads and connected the Superduos together.

At the end of Row 3 ~ The working thread is exiting the bottom of the Superduo after adding the last 3 bead Sequence of Accent Beads.

Get into Position by passing the needle down through the 11/0 Frosted Gray Seed Bead below the Superduo as shown above. 

Row 4

Note the working thread is behind the bead work at the beginning of each stitch in this round. 

Pick up 11/0 Black – 11/0 Frosted Gray – 11/0 Black and let them drop to the frame as shown.

Pass the needle from back to front under the edge of the frame (make sure the needle touches the frame and does not go above the thread bridge on the outer edge or the Gray Seed beads. 

If you need a refresher on adding beads to the inside of the Frame ~ Check out this Video on my YouTube Channel.

The working thread should now be on the front side of the Bead Work.

Pass the needle up through the last Bead picked up. 
In this instance, the bead will be black and my last bead is on the left because I am left-handed and I sew in this direction.
At the same time pass the needle to the back side of the bead work to position yourself for the next pick up. 

For the rest of the Row you will pick up 11/0 Frosted Gray and 11/0 Black ~ pass under the frame from back to front ~ then up through the Black seed bead and through the center to the back of the bead work.

Watch your spacing to insure a uniform circle of Gray Beads. 
When you come around the bead work and there is no space left for another black bead on the frame:
Pick up only a Frosted Gray bead and pass down through the very first Black seed bead and towards the front of the frame.
Pass up through the last Black seed bead added.
The working thread now should be to the front of the bead work. 

Row 5

Row 5 is a Reinforcing row only.

No Beads are added in this round,

Note the position of the working thread, pass the needle through the Frosted Gray Seed Beads, sewing in the same direction as before. 

Pass through all the beads at least once to shape the beads uniformly. 

In the next round we will add accent beads to cover the exposed threads on the front of the Frame. 



Get into position for the next row by passing down through the Black Seed Bead closest to the working thread – see left.



Pass the needle under the closest Thread Bridge on the Frame – see right. 

Before we begin the next row, take note of the thread bridges along the frame. 

Some of the sets are doubled but will count as one for our purposes.

We will add the Milky Grapefruit beads by passing under the next thread bridge or set. 

You will need to use judgement as you add the new beads to have a uniform outcome. 

Row 6


Pick up 11/0 Grapefruit Seed Bead and pass underneath the next thread bridge.

Pull the bead into position.

Repeat until to you have come all the way around the frame. .




To add the last bead you will pass underneath the thread bridge that you started from at the beginning of the round. 


That brings us to the end of Part 2 in this Series. 

In Part 3 we will add the focal bead and conclude the series. 

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