Prelaunch Prep

Hello and welcome back...

In the Intro to this series, I outlined the basic steps I used to launch The Alluring Bead Boutique.

Before you can launch your business and website, you have to be prepared and have your thoughts organized. 

I popped in today to fill you in on some of the Prelaunch Prep, that will make sure you are ready to take the action steps later. 


I have a little backstory to share with you first that will help you understand what I have been through, and let you see why I decided to build this program and series for you. 

My Website Saga


My business story has a very sad and frustrating beginning but a very happy ending… not that I am ending my story anytime soon.

Let me start by saying that I am a jeweler, a Mom and a Grandma. I am many things but I am not a web designer or much less a coder or computer programmer.

I do know my way around a computer pretty well after 20 years of working in Customer Service. But I had no idea what I would be getting myself into.

Some of you have been subscribed to my Newsletter and blog from the beginning and you probably remember what my website looked like and how little blogging I actually got done in those first two years.

But I bet you were completely surprised at the end of January this year, when you came back and every single thing about my website was brand new, beautiful and exciting to see. 

I imagine you are really surprised about how my dreams for blogging and jewelry making have come into being… finally.

I have never had so much anger and aggravation over anything in my life, not even raising two teenage daughters that are only 15 months apart, than I had trying to get my ideas for my website out of my head and onto the screen. LOL

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The curse words that came out of my mouth would have shocked Satan himself.

The only thing that saved me was the fact that I knew what I wanted to do and I wrote it all down. 

I set goals for myself and my business right from the start. And I gave myself time to achieve them. 

I will give you this advice, when you first get started, you have to be willing to cut yourself some slack and realize that nothing is carved in stone. There will be many changes to your goals and timeline along the way. Especially in the first year or so, the key is to hang in there and keep at it.  

Many of you will probably remember when I tried to set up subscriptions and a few other plans I had to bring in much needed money. Those ideas fell by the wayside pretty darn quick. But I didn’t give up. 



Now, as you can plainly see, I have all the time I need to do what I love the most. 

My jewelry has started selling, my website is paying for itself and I can blog to my heart’s content. So what changed and how did I finally pull it all together?

I am here answer that question in this series. I am going to guide you through everything that I did in January that changed my entire life and business.

 I promise you that if you follow my lead on this, you will be up and running with your business and your brand in no time at all.

But before we go any further I am going to give you a list of things to do today. Consider this a checklist of basic info you need before the next article, Writing a Professional Bio. 

Prelaunch Checklist

This Checklist will help you define the most important aspects of your Jewelry or Craft Business. It will make the starting your business so much easier. 

You will use this info to write your Bio, your About Page, and your Business Plan. If you need more room use notebook paper.

Click to Download

Don’t stress out if you do not have a lot of info in the blocks right out of the gate. One of the most beautiful things about owning your own business, is that you can make all the changes and additions you need, anytime you want.

Just try to get a little something in each one and the rest will go great. Know that I am here for you if you need help, just send me a Note.

One last bit of advice for today.

I suggest that you get a Day Planner and a Notebook to use in your day to day business life.

Out of everything I have purchased for my business, my Day Planner is the best and most used office tool I have. 

I am kind of old school like that, but if you prefer you can also use a calendar app of your choosing. 

I have to have something to do with my hands… hahaha could be that is why I love making jewelry. 

So that is it for now. Work through your checklist and join me back here next time for Writing your Professional Bio. 

Have a splendid day!

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