Welcome to my final product review in this series. 

In this series, I have been reviewing several products from Beebeecraft.com, to answer the question:

Can You Get Quality Products For Less Money?


Catch up on the series by checking out these video posts:

Today I want to talk to you about the Seed Beads that Beebeecraft sent to me for review. 

I have a review video, but I also wanted to do some actual bead work to find out exactly how these beads work with stitching techniques. So that I can give you the best info along with my opinions and recommendations. 

So let’s get right to it. 

The Beads

Below you can read the product specs from the website. Make sure to check out the video too for an up close look at the beads.

Although the description states the beads are color lined, I believe they are transparent beads with Aurora Borealis finish. They may also have color lining but it is really hard for me to see inside these tiny beads. 

The set comes with 12 different colors, each in their own little resealable jar with a screw on lid. Each jar holds at least 20 grams and maybe more.

For an overview of the colors and uniformity, make sure to watch the video. 

Product Description

  • Size: 12/0, about 2mm in diameter, 1.5mm thick, hole: 0.9mm.
  • Multicolor loose seed beads: different vibrant colors add to the attractiveness of your jewelry.
  • Multipurpose: pony beads kit is great for jewelry making, spacer beads of bracelet and necklace, gifts, clothes accessories and other crafts; Also can be combined with other style pony beads to add visual beauty to your projects.
  • Easy to use: just simple string glass beads through the holes with a beading thread cord and add-on to your loom project! You will be able to make some stunning handmade gifts.
  • Note: The picture shown may appear larger on your screen. Color may vary slightly due to the color setting of each individual monitor.

The Bead Weaving Samples

Square Stitch

The first sample I made using traditional square stitch. I stitched 3 rows using 2 of the colors of beads,

The Results

I found the beads to be very uniform per each color. However, I found the different colors vary slightly from one another. 

Right Angle Weave

I made a little sample of flat cubic RAW using 2 colors. 

I used .008 Wildfire thread which as you can see was too thick for these beads.

I took a random sample and did not cull the odd beads. 

The Results

Overall, I found similar results. The like color beads seem to be fairly uniform to each other, while there are slight variations between the different colors.

I was pretty satisfied with the beads for this stitch. The units came out looking pretty uniform.

As you can see from my sample that I reinforced the units on the lower two rows and they shaped up very well.

I did not reinforce the top row, but I would  recommend that for an actual project. 

Peyote Stitch

For this sample I used two colors again. 

Again, the .008 thread was a little too thick.

But overall not too shabby for peyote with round seed beads. 

The Results

Overall, I feel these seed beads are work nearly as well as other round seed beads in this stitch. 

The Rows are fairly uniform and consistent. 

I did notice again, the slight variation in size between the different colors. You can see this with the slight curving along the edges of the sample.

Herringbone Stitch

I made this sample using two colors. 

The Results

As you can see, these little beads work great for this stitch. My rows and columns are even and uniform.

I was so happy with the results of Herringbone, I made this adorable sample of Tubular Herringbone using the seed beads and some of the tiny rondelles from my previous Post

I was amazed at how great these tiny beads work into my samples and can’t wait to do some cool projects with them. 

Netting Stitch

I made a small sample of 7 bead vertical netting using the seed beads and the rondelles as my crossover bead. 

I really dig the way this sample came out.

I am going to be doing a project like this very soon. 

The Results

The results were very good. 

The units and rows came out looking uniform and neat.

The turnarounds were well shaped also. 

My Opinions


Each color is fairly uniform in shape, color and finish. 

The color and finish are durable and can withstand several passes of thead. 

They work well with several stitches. 

You get a very large amount of each color. 


Although the individual colors are fairly uniform in size and shape, the same does not hold true between the various colors. 

Do not work great with some stitches but neither do many of the big brand names of round seed beads. 

You will find a few more cull beads than usual.

Suggested Uses

  • Stringing
  • Organic Projects
  • Bead Embroidery
  • Tubular Stitching Techniques
  • Wire Jewelry Projects
  • Freeform or Tubular Peyote
  • Avoid using in projects where you expect perfectly aligned beads, such as flat peyote projects. 
  • Remember to reinforce your units if you use these beads in Right Angle Weave projects. 

Learn more about Beebeecraft and their website on my Beebee Craft Resource Page