Bronzed Bridal Earrings

Hello and welcome to our new monthly project. 

This month, we are going to expand on the techniques used in the Pearls on the Halfshell Series last month. 

You will use Tubular Herringbone Stitch to create the teardrop component. Learn how to close the Bead Work and add the large Pearls in the center.

Once the Bead Weaving is complete, you will learn how to make a Balled Head Pin on a long piece  of Wire. Then I will show you how to turn that into a unique and beautiful Earring wire. We will make our own Jump Rings too.

And finally we will construct the Earrings from all of our components.

Making your own findings, not only adds a special touch to your handmade jewelry but allows you to use metals not commonly found in store bought jewelry findings.

I love Bronze. It is warm and lovely. It is similar in color to gold but so much less expensive to work with. 

With each project here on The Alluring Bead Boutique, I want to help you gain confidence and fearlessness with Metalsmithing Techniques you can easily use in your Home Studio. 

These beautiful personal touches add great value to your work and makes your Jewelry stand out over your competition and will delight your friends and family if you are making a gift. 

If you are new to Metalsmithing at Home, check out my posts and brush up on the tools, techniques and safety rules involved in working with heat and metals. 

So let’s get right to the materials, tools and supplies  you will need to make this month’s project.

Materials and Tools

  • 2 – 12 mm Swarovski or Preciosa Glass Pearls – Bronze
  • 128 – 8/0 Miyuki Seed Beads – Antique Ivory Pearl Ceylon
  • 128 – 11/0 Toho Seed Beads  Gold Luster Transparent Pink
  • 4 – 8/0 Toho Seed Beads – Rose Gold Galvanized Permafinish
  • 12 inches – 20 Gauge Bronze Jewelry Wire
It is very important that you only use a bare metal wire for this project.
Many brands of artistic wires are coated and or plated and these are not safe to used with a torch.
You can use Artistic Wire if the label states Bare or Phosphorous Bronze. 
  • 4 ft. – .006 Fireline Beading Thread – Crystal
  • Size 10 or 11 Beading Needle
  • Scissors or Thread Burner
  • Micro Torch
  • Soldering Board  or Ceramic Tile to protect your work surface
  • Flush Cutters
  • Multi-Step Looping Pliers or Round Nose Pliers
  • 2 – Chain Nose or Flat Nose Pliers
  • Cross Locking Tweezers
  • Ruler
  • Quenching Bowl and Pickle Pot
  • Sand Paper and Pro-Polish Pads

Last month, I showed you how to make Perfectly Matching Ear Wires and finish the ends of your Earring Wires using a Cup Bur.

This month I will show you how to accomplish the same goal with sandpaper or an emory board. 

The Pro-polish pads are a great alternative to machine polishing. You can also use them to remove tarnish from your own jewelry and a smart investment for the Home Jeweler.

Gather your Materials and join me back here later this week for Part 1 of the Project.

Project Outline

See you back here soon.....