The Best Mother's Day Ever

This Mother’s Day started out earlier than most for me. I was leaving for a 2 week stay at my Daughter’s on the 8th.

My wonderful Son and Daughter-in-law brought my sweet grandson over to visit before I left and I was so surprised by the lovely gifts they brought me. 

They gifted me this gorgeous velvety Hydrangea first. I just love how dark and rich the blooms are. It is just so beautiful. 


They totally shocked me when I opened the box they brought. 

Someone very creative handmade this adorable little hummingbird feeder with Copper Tubing and Wire.

This was such a thoughtful gift as it was totally handmade and also because it is made with Wire Wrapping Techniques, that are near and dear to my jewelry making heart. 

Now that I am home, I plan to get it filled and hung outside to see if I can attract some tiny birdies to my porch. 

Stay tuned for more… 

My little buddy/Grandson Jack packing to come stay with Grandma for a few days at Aunt Sam’s house. Click to play!

The anticipation is building. Everyone can barely contain their excitement. 

Off to Greenville, NC

I bought my ticket for this trip all the way back in March. 

I knew up front what my present from Samantha was going to be because we found out that Bryan Adams was going to be appearing in Raleigh on Mother’s Day and she immediately emailed me and her sister Elizabeth and bought the tickets that day. 

I had a pleasant bus ride down with no issues. Check out this quaint stop in Rocky Mount where the bus station is located in this old but still functioning Train Depot. 


After a few days of rest and relaxation, the big day rolled around and we were off to Raleigh with a special guest in tow.

Bryan Adams ~ Shine a Light Tour


Say hello to my Grandson Jack.

I am pretty sure he was more excited than anyone in Raleigh about his first concert.

They even gave him a certificate at the gate. 

The fun was just beginning!


Although you can’t see it in still photos, there was lots and lots of singing and dancing. The concert was fantastic and Bryan Adams sounds as awesome as ever. It’s like time hasn’t touched his voice at all. 

The only thing that could have possibly made this day any better would have been for my son to have been able to be there. But even though he was home with his precious baby boy, he was there in my heart all the same. 

A Week with Jack and Thor Snigglefritz

While the concert was so exciting and all we hoped for, I have to admit that the most fun I had was spending the week with my little buddy and just doing kid things all day.

Meet Thor Snigglefritz… he is one crazy cat. These two boys became fast friends and they spent the first few hours of every day playing together. 

I don’t have a ton of pictures from the time we had alone, he kept me too busy for that hahaha, playing football and basketball in the back yard, going for walks and eating… lots and lots of snacks and kool-aid.

Our Last Weekend


Our last day together with Jack was really special.

We took a long walk down to the Tar River and learned all about Spanish Moss.

Then we spent the remaining hours blowing loads of bubbles in the shade. 

Check out the Gallery below to find out all the cool things we learned about and saw on our walk. 

Back Home


Looks like all my little babies just kept on growing while I was gone but what a great welcome wagon for a tuckered out Grandma.

If you want to see more videos and pics from the concert and my trip head over to @thealluringbeadboutique on Instagram