Congratulations on your Pre-launch Success!

In the first half of this Series, we covered how to outline your your dreams and goals for your business, how to write about yourself and your business and how to outline your business plan for the foreseeable future.

Having a strong sense of your brand and a verbalized plan is essential to a successful launch of your business and website. Check out these Links if you need to catch up.


Ready to Launch

Now we are ready for the Action Steps necessary to get your business online and launch your new brand. 

The steps include signing up for a web hosting service, installing a content management system, installing a theme and setting up plugins and a page builder.

In the coming weeks, we will dive into each of the Actionable Items below and discuss the steps to take for successfully launching your website right from the start.

I will explain, in simple terms, what these items are and how to make decisions based on your branding and business plans. 

Web Hosting and Domain Name – Data Storage Space and Access Provider to your

WordPress Installation – Content Management System

Choosing a Theme – A Template for your Design and Brand

Page Builders and Plugins – Software Addons that perform certain tasks and/or serve specific purposes

Along the way, I will share my website process story and let you know what has worked for me and why. 

We will also talk about pitfalls and how to avoid them.

By the end of this series you will have everything you need to get your website off the ground. 

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