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The Small Peyote Bezel Component is the final piece to the Sunburst Necklace Project. 

The Video Tutorial below is Available on The Alluring Bead Boutique Design Channel on  YouTube. 

I made a few changes to the Component since the Publication of the Video and I want to fill you in on those today. 

New Version

When I began constructing the Necklace from the Components, I was not satisfied with the Bright Aluminum Beads on the First Version. 

Sorry for any inconvenience if you are making the project along with me. 

Note ~ The Pictures in the remainder of this post are from the original Version and are only meant to show you where the Changes should occur. 
Please refer to the Video and the notes in this post to make the changes.

Change #1 – In the video I started the initial row with 30 of the 11/0 Toho Frosted Gray beads.

I changed that to 32 beads  and the bezel worked out much better. Each additional row will now add 16 beads instead of 15.

Pass through all the beads and tie your knots. Move through a bead or so and away from your know before you begin Peyote Stitch.

Note* – In Peyote Stitch Projects, the beads in the initial pick up are considered Rows 1 and 2

Complete Rows 3 and 4 as directed in the Video. 
On Row 5 – I replaced the 15/0 Toho Aluminum beads with 15/0 Toho Jet Opaque beads. 
Reinforce this row as directed in the video and move through the beads on the diagonal for Row 6.
Set the Shell Bead into the Bezel and Complete Row 6 as directed in the Video. 


In Row 7 – Same Change as Row 5 – Use 15/0 Toho Jet Opaque Beads.  

Row 8 
I changed the Bead for this Row to a 15/0 Delica Bead – Transparent Silver Lined Pewter.
Reinforce the Row as directed in the Video.

Please Note that did not add the Beads to the outside of the Bezel in this Version. 

I wove the working thread back through the work to the tail thread and made my knots and ended the threads as shown in the Video. 

I hope have been enjoying the Sunburst Necklace Series. 

I am in the process of constructing the Necklace and preparing the photos for the Final write-up.

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