Welcome to Part 2 of the beautiful Six Petaled Flower tutorial. In Part 1, I demonstrated how to make the lovely cupped petals with a lustrous pearl inside. 
Now we are ready to combine the petals and insert a shiny rivoli into the center. 


These lovely Florals are certainly brightening up my grey winter days. I hope you are enjoying this series of projects as much as I am.

Materials and Tools

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I am sorry I don’t have links for everything. I got my rivolis from Beadaholique and the pearls and rondelles came from a jewelry making set I bought from Ebay in 2016. 

I used round seed beads and not Delicas. I will be attempting to remake these petals soon without the pearls so stay tuned. But as always you can use any colors and brands you like as long as you stick to the mentioned sizes. 


For today’s tutorial, you will need the 6 petals made in Part 1.

The Set-Up

Begin by weaving a 4 foot piece of thread into one of your petals. Weave down the the center 8/0 at the bottom of the pearl. Be mindful to pass through both beads of the sets where necessary to avoid having exposed thread. 

Pass down into the lone 8/0 below the center bead. 

The Ring


Pick up two 11/0’s color C and pass through the lone 8/0 of the next petal. Repeat until you have added all six petals as shown. Pick up two C and pass through the 8/0 of the first petal. 

I found that working this portion of the flower down on the bead mat was much less frustrating.

Tighten the ring and pass through all the 11/0 and 8/0 beads a few more times to reinforce the center. End with your thread exiting an 8/0. 


Pick up 2 D – 1 E – Rondelle – 1 E – 2 D and pass back through the same 8/0  to form a loop. Pass through the two 11/0 and the next 8/0 bead. 
Repeat this step all the way around the ring.

The working thread should be exiting the first 8/0 bead you started from. Next we are going to secure the petals together. This is very fussy work since the petals are flopping all over the place at the moment. 

Step up into the petal by passing through the center 8/0 above the one your thread is exiting plus one more.


Move through the three color D beads on the diagonal line along the edge of the petal. 
Now we will use square stitch to connect the petals with these sets of three D beads. 

Sew down the three matching seed beads on the next petal. Then sew back up the three on the petal you started from. 
Sew back down the second set once more. 


Pull snug as you work and the sets of three should sit side by side. Next sew through the three 8/0 at the bottom os the second petal. 

Sew up into the three D beads on this side of petal 2.
Repeat all the steps around the flower until both sides of each petal are secured to each other.


After securing the sixth petal to the first, move through two 8/0 beads. 
Step down into the 8/0 on the ring. 

Pass the needle through the center and up through two B beads on the loop attached to the 8/0 your thread is exiting.


Sew through the 15/0 – Rondelle – 15/0. Insert ther rivoli in the center and hold it in place with your thumb as you work the rest of the project. 

The thread is exiting the bottom of the 15/0. Pick up a 15/0 and sew up through the 15/0 on the next loop.


Move through the next rondelle and down the next 15/0. 

Repeat the steps above adding a 15/0 and sewing up the closest 15/0 of the next loop and moving to the next 15/0 on the other side of the rondelles all the way around the rivoli. 

Once you have finished, reinforce by passing through all the beads again without missing any ending up with the working thread exiting a rondelle bead. 

To further secure things up, square stitch the rondelles to the very center 11/0 B bead on the petals.

My thread is exiting to the left of the rondelle. I sew through the 11/0 from left to right and then through the rondelle again from right to left.


Sew through three 15/0’s and the next rondelle and repeat the steps to square stitch to the center 11/0 D bead. Repeat for the remaining four rondelles.

If your petals feel like they need additional tightening, follow the last few steps below. 


Move through the next rondelle and down the next 15/0. 

Sew up to one of the D beads between petals. Square stitch the bead to the matching bead on the next petal. 


Weave around to the other side of the next petal and square stitch the same bead on this side to the matching bead on the next petal. Work all the way around the bloom. Weave off your thead or tie a fefw half hitch knots  before ending the thread. 


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and have fun exploring this concept in your beading. 

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