Hello and welcome everyone.

Today, we are going to learn to make a new style of component. The Oval Earring Wire, is a unique and beautiful finding that adds the special finish to your work, making your piece entirely handmade. 

The ear wires made today are used in the Carnelian Spiral Drop Earrings

These special touches are what set your brand apart form other, run of the mill designers. 

The techniques we will use today, include:

  • Chasing and Forming Wire/Metal
  • Texturing
  • Measuring and Marking
  • Forming
  • Finishing

Tools and Materials

Getting Started


Measure and cut two 3 inch pieces of wire.

Use the flush side of the cutters on each end of the wires.

File the ends of the wires flat and smooth to the touch. 


Use either round nose of multi-step looping pliers to form identical simple loops on one end of each wire. 

Do not center the loop as you would for a head or eye pin.

I like to use the looping pliers so I can work both wires at the same time.

Make sure the wire comes all the way around to touch the base wire. 


Mark both wires, approximately an inch down from the loops.

Grasp each wire, one at a time, with the tip of your chain nose pliers and make a slight bend.

Notice where you place the pliers in reference to the mark. Place the pliers in the same spot when working the second wire. 


Center the wires onto the smallest barrel of the wrap and tap pliers, so that the bend is in between the two barrels.

If you are using a dowel or mandrel, simply work one wire at a time. 

Grasp the two ends of the wires and bend them towards each other around the barrel or dowel. 


Line up the components evenly. I have inserted my finger into the center of the oval. 

Trim the excess wire with the flush side of the cutters, facing the tip of the ear wire.

The back side of the wire should be about even with the loop. 


Use the mallet and bench block to wire harden the ear wires. 

Use the wire rounder or file to completely smooth the end of the wire. 


Use your chain nose pliers to attach the Carnelian Spiral Drops to finish the project. 


I hope you like this project and will join me for many more.

Stay Tuned

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