In the last post, we learned the traditional technique for creating Ladder Stitch bead work. 

Not only did we review the single bead ladder, but I also showed you how use multiple beads per stitch. 

Today I am presenting two alternative methods you can use to create bead work with the same structure and thread path as the traditional method. 

Cross Needles Technique – this method uses two needles, one on each end of the thread. The technique works with each bead or bead set individually.

Fold-over Technique – this method is different from the traditional method, in that you pick up all the beads for the row at the beginning. 


We’ve talked about how Ladder Stitch is used as base for Herringbone and Brick Stitch projects before. 

You will also used a ladder base for the tubular forms of these stitches. 

I have included the technique for closing your ladder strip into a round in today’s lesson. 

Tools and Materials

I added my affiliate links above to the items I prefer to use when beading. 

You can use any size or color beads you prefer. You can even use just one color. 

The beads do not have to be Delica beads but this stitch works really well with them. Round seed beads work just fine and the techniques are exactly the same. 

The Tutorials

I hope have found this lesson useful and will try out these new methods on your own. 

Now that we have a good strong foundation in Ladder Stitch, we can use these skills and begin exploring Herringbone and Brick Stitch. 

We will explore both of those stitches this spring as we continue working through the Bead Stitching Handbook

You can get your copy of the handbook using my affiliate links today.

In the next portion of Bead Weaving 101, we will dive into Square Stitch Basics and beyond. 

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