Last Autumn, when the series, Bead Weaving 101 launched, I posted an article on Needles and Threads.

Today, I am going to expand on the topic of thread and talk about using Nylon Beading threads. 

There are many brands of this thread type on the market today.


Nymo Beading Thread

Nymo is one of the most popular and easy to find nylon beading threads for seed beads.

Nymo was originally developed for and used in the upholstery industry. It is a nylon mono-chord, which means it is a single bonded strand, not several twisted together.

Nymo comes in a wonderful variety of colors and four different sizes, making it easy to add color to a variety of different beads with varying hole diameters.

I prefer Nymo to some of the other options because it is easier to work with and less likely to fray early on in the project. 

Therefore, I can start with a longer thread than with a few of the other options available.

SizeSize NameTensile Strength
0.005-inch / 0.127mmOO2lbs
0.006-inch / 0.1524mmOO4lbs
0.008-inch / 0.2032mmB4.5lbs
0.012-inch / 0.3048mmD8.5lbs

S-Lon ~ C-Lon~ Superlon

Size MeasurementSize NameTensile Strength (PSI)
0.006-inch / 0.1524mmAA6lbs
0.0067-inch / 0.17mmD9lbs
0.0098-inch / 0.25mmMicro Weight11lbs
0.163-inch / 0.414mmFine Weight25lbs
0.1969-inch / 0.5mmStandard Weight34lbs
0.03543-inch / 0.9mmHeavy Weight74lbs

S-Lon, Superlon, and C-Lon are brand names for the same product, a plied and bonded nylon string that is very popular for use in kumihimo and other jewelry braiding.

S-Lon and Superlon are the brand names used by The Beadsmith/Helby bead distributors, and C-Lon is the brand name used by Caravan Beads bead distributors.

The product is made at the same factory, on the same equipment, and to the same specifications; the only difference is that C-Lon is a taller spool than SLon/Superlon and C-Lon has more yardage on each spool.

You will have many beautiful color choices when you choose this product as well. 

You will also have the option of a 6 pound tensile strength which is not available with Nymo thread. 

One-G Beading Thread

Developed by TOHO for beading professionals, TOHO OneG is a nylon beading thread, created specifically for bead weaving.

It’s also a great option for looming, stringing, and more.

It is strong but not stiff, easy to thread but still pliable, shred-resistant, and won’t fray as easily as other nylon threads.

SizeSize NameTensile Strength
0.0067-inch / 0.17mm06lbs

While offering many gorgeous colors, there is only one size available. 

Preparing Nylon Thread for Beading

In order to use these gorgeous threads in your jewelry designs, you must first prepare the thread.

Nylon threads have a tendency to stretch with the weight of the beads. It is very important to stretch the thread prior to using it in your work.

These types of threads are not coated like Fireline and other fishing lines commonly used in beading projects.

This makes them vulnerable to fraying and shredding.

To avoid these problems, it is very important to condition the thread with wax or thread conditioners.

Check out the video below to learn how to use these great options in your own jewelry projects. 

I hope you have found this article useful and will explore the use of these gorgeous beading threads in your own work.

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